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Attendee Module

Do you know who’s attending an event and which functions they’re attending? Is it easy to find out whether they’re bringing a guest? Did you send them an invitation and have they responded?


It can be difficult to keep track of all the details involved in attendee management, but EventPro Planner’s Attendee Module simplifies this task by maintaining all attendee information in one easy-to-manage location. The Attendee Module is specially designed to record and organise the following critical elements of attendee management:


  • Registrations
  • Seating and Table Assignment
  • Special Attendee Requirements
  • Function Assignment
  • Communications
  • Actions
  • Guests


The versatile and comprehensive Attendee Module does everything you would expect for fundamental attendee management. You can also purchase optional modules that further enhance the functionality of the Attendee Module in the areas of attendee Finance, Travel and Accommodation and Online Registration.


The Attendee Module is the feature you need to efficiently manage your attendees. To preview the Attendee Module, contact our Sales Department for a Free Demonstration. Call 0871 218 0912 or email today.


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Save Your Attendees from a Free-for-All Seating Frenzy


What Do They Need and Where Will They Be?


Bringing a Guest? Yes No


Did We Send that Invitation Yet?


Personalised Letters for a Crowd


Accurate Data Entry with Less Effort


Going Above and Beyond the Usual



Attendee Module Requirements:

EventPro Planner Version 2.0 +


Additional Optional Modules:


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Update to the latest version of EventPro Planner to continue receiving the maximum benefits from the software. Remember, to receive updates a current Upgrade Protection Plan is required. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Department at or 0871 218 0912.
Learn more about the latest release of EventPro Planner by reading the article "Software Update" in the latest issue of the EventPro Planner Connection.

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